Science and Technology in China

Science and technology always are the first productive force. No matter which countries, nowadays we mainly depend on science and technology to develop national economy and enhance people’ life level. Certainly, science and technology also may help us to raise job’s efficiency, lower cost, alleviate fatigue of employee and so on. So what is the novelty of science and technology in China? We will know below,


Smart Vendor Machine

Recently, the 5th Shanghai International Science Popularization Product Expo was officially launched at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. This is really booming and grand exhibition for related scientific and technological products in China. With the theme of “Artificial Intelligence and Civic Life”, this exhibition brings together hundreds of technology-innovative companies related to the life service category. As a representative of the new retail sector head brand in China, Xing Convenience shown its smart vendor Machine during this exhibition and becoming focus of visiting crowd. The most of people try to experience it and feel convenience by applying high technology shopping. Also this Smart vendor machine is name by Xing Convenience company as Xing+.


Xing+ is the smart vendor machine as own R&D by Xing Convenience company. Through layout of white-collar’s office and every segment scenes of commute, Xing+ introduce diverse and all- day convenient shopping experiences. Shopping by scanning code, taking away immediately, fully satisfy to white-collar’s demand of immediate consumption.


It is quite different from opening shelves, because the door of Xing+ is equiped with smart lock. System may rapidly identify customers’ information then unlock the door after customers scan the code attached on smart vendor machine. Certainly, after shopping is locked by smart vendor machine automatically, and it is valid to track related payment information.


Through a series of intelligent hardware and software and scanning code verification, machine vision and other innovative technologies, “Xing+” can be better track and manage commodities intelligently, improve user’s experience and control the loss of goods. In addition, the commodities in vendor machine Xing+ are in a closed state of storage, which fully guarantees food safety and sanitation.


Besides of the development and application of innovative technologies, in addition to Xing+ also builds up a high barrier to competition based on the new retail bottom foundation. Certainly it is also based on the capabilities of core supply chain, to create a set of smart supply chain system. Not only has a self-built fresh food production base and branded products at the source, but the company also own whole set of Self-developed technical system X·tool so that Supporting a series of businesses such as warehousing, procurement, logistics, marketing, etc.

Boost to other related industry

Perhaps this is only the development during technological and scientific sector, actually we may find that this domain and its company develop may boost other industries such as steel company in steel industry, B2B trade Platform in China as exporting service industry, related software firms and so on.


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